ghoul % 6TEEN % he/they/it/ae


  • ghoul

  • 16

  • he/him, they/them, it/its, and ae/aer

  • nonbinary / trans

  • bisexual

  • autistic

  • disabled

  • mixed black n puerto rican

  • continuously hyperfixating on danganronpa, my chemical romance, durarara, invader zim, persona 5, n sonic

  • sum hobbies r: sewing, drawing, making kandi, video games, n crying at night


  • fun ghoul (killjoys comic series/dd mvs)

  • nagito komaeda (drv2)

  • dib (invader zim)

  • link (botw)

  • akira kurusu (ps5) (not the console)

  • sonic (sonic x/boom)

  • bonnie (fnaf)

  • klaus (tua)

  • invader zim (invader zim)

  • blanca (animal crossing series)


  • tsumugi aoba (enstars)

  • kazuichi soda (dr2)

  • anri sonohara (durarara)


  • - long mirrors (ones you can hang or lean on walls)

  • - people named andrew or mal/malachi or richie/richard

  • - mentions of dead horses / horse guts

  • - mentions and irl pics of attics / play rooms

  • - mentions of mental episodes and attachment to other people

  • - mentions of being numb or empty in the sense of emotions/feelings

please dont ask why

.:do not interact:.

  • ddlg/cgl (or if you lump ageres with them)

  • pro-police / racist

  • all lives matter

  • anti lgbt

  • radfems, terfs, transmeds, truscum, fujoshi, exclus, etc.

  • exclus includes panphobes, biphobes, those against nonharmful mogai (dont give me the "it makes the community look like a joke" bullshit)

  • pedos/"maps"/"pears"

  • ableists

  • if you ship any sort of incest or abuse

if youre over 18 and i dont know you personally, ask to follow